The new SnapCash binary signals and bot – Is it a scam or not?

This review investigates whether the new SnapCash binary options signals and robot software is legitimate, or is it just the newest scam on the block.
It was rumored that this system is able to make consistent profits, and we’ve received several emails from followers with positive feedback. This has prompted us to investigate, and the results are now out.

The SnapCash is a binary options signals platform. It provides you with signals on Forex, commodities, stocks and indices.

You can trade the signals directly from the SnapCash platform, but you can also use the Auto Trading mode to have their robot place the trades for you on autopilot.

The official video from the Snap Cash website is beautifully produced and shows that these people are not shying away from investing in their product:

This nice video doesn’t necessarily mean it is a profitable system, but it was a good start, and we were looking to actually test this system with live money.

To test the system, we opened an account and deposited $250. This gave us access to their platform, which seems well built, stable and easy to operate.

It is quite an ordinary looking signals platform, but of course what counts is the algorithm that’s operating behind the scenes, analyzing the market and producing the trade signals.

There’s a choice between automated and manual trading via a simple “on/off” switch. We chose the auto trading, so that we can see the system in action without our intervention.

After the initial set up, we left it to run on auto pilot. There’s no need to leave the platform window open, it is connected directly to your brokerage account.

After a week of uninterrupted operation, we were pleased to find that it made $385, on top of the $250 we originally deposited. At the end of the second week, account is already up by another $390, and third week another $423. At the end of the testing period, our $250 turned into $1,448.

These are excellent results, and in line with the feedback we received from followers of this blog. If you’re also running the Snap Cash, please share your findings below in the comments. Our conclusion is that this system is a legitimate and profitable binary options strategy, definitely worth using.

The AlgoMaster scam exposed – Stay away!

Today as part of our continued efforts to save as many traders as possible from falling to binary options scams, we are publishing the results of our investigation on the AlgoMaster software.

This is apparently the newest binary options scam, posing as a legit offer. Armed with a sales video which looks polished and professional, this system turns out to be just an online scam that promises you big gains but delivers absolutely nothing.

We have closely examined the Algo Master website and video to verify whether it is honest or fake. The site itself is full of promises of high gains, but no proof is given, except fake bank account statement which we will talk about in a minute.

The guy presented in the video as the AlgoMaster CEO, James Torn, is likely an actor, as there’s no mention of him anywhere on the internet. Good luck trying to find him in social media such as Facebook or Linkedin. He’s simply not there.

This is of course highly suspicious, as there’s no way a CEO of such a supposedly successful company, has never been mentioned anywhere and does not have any sort of online identity.

The reason is simple – if someone doesn’t exist, if it is just a name and character someone made up and asked an actor to play – then you will not find that character anywhere.

Trying to look up a US company named AlgoMaster, located in Malibu, CA also yields no results at all, simply because such company doesn’t exist.

But let’s continue looking into the video. The video is interesting because it is the online place where any proof is provided within the AlgoMaster website.

A user named Amanda is seen in the video, praising the software and presenting her bank account statement. In the statement, you can see a balance of over $185K, which Amanda claims is the profits she made with the AlgoMaster system.

But here’s the thing…

The date on the account statement is November 20, 2015. This is almost an entire year before the AlgoMaster was even launched or started accepting any beta testers.

Moreover, in order for Amanda to be able to accumulate such profits, she have had to trade for many months, which is of course impossible since the AlgoMaster didn’t exist back then.

In other words, this bank statement is clearly a fake, and with it falls the proof of profitability that AlgoMaster is claiming.

We’ve also noticed that the AlgoMaster claims to have 1,341 members who have made $181,467,329 combined.

However, at another section of the website, they claim that they have 300 users who are beta testers. In other words, either one of these numbers is made-up or – more likely – both of them!

Having considered all the evidence, and seeing the fake personas and statement in the video and website, we have no choice but to issue a strong warning against trying to use the Algo Master system.

If you’re looking for a Binary Options system that makes money, check out the more established services such as the Centument 2.0 found here.

Double warning for the Disrupt 2.0 Binary Scam

Today we issue an updated warning about a scam that we’ve already covered in the past, the Disrupt Binary System, which now RETURNS with a new scam called “Disrupt 2.0”. If you haven’t been scammed the first time, now is your second chance to lose all your investment again, if you choose to join this scam system.

Just a short recap: The first Disrupt scam presented a cheap-looking marketing video, with claims of unreasonable profits, and numbers that do not make sense.

For example, the guy claims to have made $149,695.85 within 10 days of using the Disrupt, and later a claim that current users make around $3,300,000 a year. These are all absurd number, and they are all presented by a bunch of actors hired from the Fiverr website, where you can get actors to give you testimonials for a few dollars. Now the guys at Disrupt have decided that making $3,300,000 a year is not enough, so they “upgraded” their software to produce more profits.

Yeah, right… the more realistic scenario is that they realized they haven’t scammed enough traders with the first version, so they recycled the old code, and now looking for more suckers that would lose more money.

Another claim that was highlighted as bogus was the 95% success rate, meaning that 95% of trades generated by the system end in profit. This is impossible to achieve with such a binary options system, and actually, it is completely unnecessary to have such a high win rate to make money with binary options.

They could have well settled for 70% – 80% win rate and be highly profitable, but they chose to throw a high number such as 95%, which just goes to show that these people have no idea how to trade binary options, they’re just scam marketers.

With the previous Disrupt trading, we have invested $300 in Disrupt, in order to verify whether this is a scam or a legit offer.

The result of that unfortunate real-money test was that we lost most of our deposit within just 9 hours. This is of course beyond recovery, and something we doubt even a miracle could save.

Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones who lost – we have gotten a large number of reports from followers of Binary Options Place, who fell for this scam and lost their hard earned.

So now what have we got?

The same name – Disrupt, only version 2.0 this time; the same actor presenting himself as the CEO of the company; the same graphic designer – they didn’t even bother to change the old design too much.

This is just a re-hash of the old manipulative and deceptive binary options trading scam meant to target newbie binary options investors out of their money.

However, we did think it is extremely important to warn those who are not aware that such scam existed, or weren’t into binary options trading at the time the first Disrupt hit the market.

We urge you to stay away from this scam!

Automata Formula is the newest ugly binary scam

Today we are issuing a warning against a newly discovered scam called “Automata Formula”.

This is a binary options signals and robot software, that’s been reported to cause nothing but losses to its users. We’ve seen more than a few comments from users, reporting that they had lost most of the money they invested in this system.

Besides infuriating us, it also prompted us to investigate whether the reports are true, and if they are – give an official warning.

We started by closely examining the Profits Automata website. On first impression, it doesn’t look too good. The Automata Formula website has no text in it – no explanations about the system and its creators, no proofs of profitability or any trade history records. The site contains just a video presentation, so we had to settle for getting all the information from the sales video.

The video tells the story of a millionaire trader who developed a secret trading system which he refused to share with anyone, even though he was offered large sums of money to do so.

We find this story to be absurd, since he has no trouble giving away the system on this web page. The story sounds so familiar that it left us totally unimpressed.

But the real warning sign came on when we attempted a due diligence of George Coleman, who presents himself in the video as the owner of the company. We have found nothing on him in any online website or social media platform. This person simply doesn’t exist.

This is an actor with a fake persona, who makes an effort to make us believe he is a professional binary options trader and a multi-millionaire. Then he goes on to tell us that the video will be taken down after the first 500 users, so the software will not become ineffective. This means that if too many users use the software, the market will be flooded with orders, and the algorithm will not be effective anymore.

Well, we’ve done a few inquiries and this software is aiming for a lot more than 500 users. In fact, they aim to recruit hundreds of affiliate marketers who will push their software to thousands of victims. So the video starts with a “false scarcity” lie.

But that’s not all…

Now comes the part when he throws meaningless numbers in the air, and presents fake bank statements to back up his claims. How do we know his numbers are fake? Simple, it makes very little sense – look at this screen shot:

He claims to have made from his binary software over $25 million in the past 12 years.

Then after a few minutes he promises, with a very serious tone, that by using his software, you will make $950 PER HOUR.

We’ve done quick math, and with a conservative estimate $950 x 8 hours a day x 22 days equals a profit of $167,200 per month, which is around 2 million dollars per year, and a bit less than $25 million in twelve years.

In other words, what this little math exercise tells us is that we can do a 2 minutes setup, not knowing anything about binary options, and still make a profit which is equal to what this experienced master trader and software developer has made…

This is so ludicrous we have nothing further to say than: “yeah, right…”!

And, reverting back to one of the classic rules of investments – if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. We warn you against investing in this scam binary system, unless you want to see your hard earned money quickly go down the drain.