60 Second MACD Binary Options Strategy

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Most online investors compare 60 second trading with binary options to be “gambling” but we believe the opposite to be true when investors from our very own team have been profitably investing with 1 minute options consistently for the past two years through binary options. 

Now contrary to popular belief, in order to profit online through binary options investors only need to be in-the-money 58% and what we plan to share with you today is a short-term binary options trading strategy that has accumulated an average success rate of 75% over the past couple of months! 

What’s Needed:  


In order to get started with this strategy you will need access to a charting solution such as Freestockcharts, MT4, MT5 or ThinkorSwim (TOS). 


Once you have managed to load your charting solution you will need to add our primary technical indicator into the charting solution, which for this strategy is the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator. 


One of the main functions of the MACD technical indicator would be to measure price momentum that can be found in the trends of targeted assets. 


The ideology behind this trading strategy would be that by using previous price levels that are measured by the MACD indicator, we can place more accurate predictions in regards to the future direction of our targeted assets. 


(Once you have the MACD indicator on it, scroll your mouse over it, then select Edit.  Change the short value of this strategy to10 while changing the long value to 20.  The original values should be 12 and 26 so change it to 10 and 20 and you will be good to go).  



Application of Strategy


Now that you have your charting solution up and running and you have the MACD indicator added to your charting solution you want to make sure that you choose a currency pair as your targeted asset of choice. 


Preferably assets that display a low level of volatility, simply meaning that these assets aren’t as likely to change directions due to minor fluctuations or manipulations that may occur in the market. 


Low volatility currency pairs that you should consider investing with when using this trading strategy would be the EURUSD, USDCHF,USDCAD, and NZDUSD.  


One last step that should be completed after you have selected your targeted asset and added your MACD indicator into the charting solution which would be to change the time frame to a period of 1 minute. 


We have found a better statical success rate when this strategy has been tested with 1 minute expiry times and during the opening half hour of major market hours such as the New York, London and Tokyo trading sessions. 


Now in order for a signal to be generated we need to wait for one of two occurrences to happen with the first being that we need our MACD line (light blue in this instance) to cross with our light grey (Exponential Moving Average of 9) line which is automatically added when you add the MACD indicator by the way. 


This cross needs to occur in an upward or downward direction, if it crosses in an upward direction then we need a Bullish candle confirmation to be right above our cross, so if you see a bullish candle above the cross of our two indicators then you are good to place a 60 to 120 second CALL option. 


The exact opposite must be done for a PUT investment, so in this case, we need our MACD (light blue line) to cross our other indicator line in a downward direction and as long as there is a bearish candle (candle heading in a downward direction) then you are good to place a 1 to 2 minute PUT investment.  


Strategy Set-Up

60 seconds strategy setup


Strategy Example 1


Strategy Example 2


Strategy Example 3



Now this strategy does take awhile to get use to and should be used in combination with the recommendations listed below. 


However, you can expect success rates between 70% to 74% when used correctly and after enough experience!  


Strategy Recommendations

As we briefly mentioned earlier, this technical analysis based trading strategy is best used during the opening half hour of major market hours. 


So during the first half hour of the New York, London and Tokyo trading session this trading strategy generates the best success rates!  In addition, you will want to make sure that no press or major market reports are being released to the public while you are investing. 


To avoid this mistake you can visit www.forexfactory.com to see a complete list of old and upcoming press releases about to be shared.  Using low volatility currency pairs as well is strongly recommended and we definitely encourage that you practice with a Free Demo Account prior to using this trading strategy with your real money.  



Strategy Conclusion


Finding a trading strategy that not only is consistent but provides success rates higher than atleast 70% can be a real difficult task to achieve in this industry. 


We hope this 60 Second MACD Strategy for binary options will serve as your primary weapon against the binary option brokers and hopefully will increase your portfolio performance in the future! 


As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and if you are looking for reliable and proven trading systems to use in combination with this trading strategy then your first go-to should be the SnapCash. To learn more about it click here. 




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