Ice9 exposed as a scam website full of lies and deceit!

Posted on 05 Jul 2016

Another shocking scam has been recently unleashed upon Binary Options traders – the Ice 9 Technology Binary Options system. This group of scammers makes a notable effort to appear as a legitimate company, whilst causing those who fell for it to lose some money at best, or even lose their entire deposit!



The ultimate test: is Quantum Code for real or scam?

Posted on 03 Jul 2016

Among the hundreds of Binary Options signals, auto traders and other services, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find the genuine profitable ones, and avoid the many scams and deceptive advertising. That’s why we get so many complaints from disappointed traders or newbies who got burned.

However we do get some positive feedback as well, and when we got several emails from followers, praising the Quantum Code Binary Options robot, we were curious to see for ourselves if it really works. We’ve decided to look into both the website and the actual auto trading platform as well as perform the ultimate test: invest a minimal amount and use the Quantum Code in real time, real life market conditions.


Is Quick Cash Method Legit or Scam? Finally The Truth!

Posted on 30 Jun 2016

As promised, we continue our quest to weed out the Binary Options scammers and find for our followers the best, honest and most profitable Binary Options Systems.

Today we put under the spotlight the Quick Cash Method, a Binary Options signals service. It is not a robot, but rather a platform that provides signals and enables you to instantly trade on the signals.

Is this another one of those ridiculous scams, or is it possible that this signals software is actually legit? We’ve examined the website and then decided to also invest a minimal amount of money to test it live, since this would be the ultimate test. 


Finally revealed! Is Escape The Rat Race scam or legit?

Posted on 28 Jun 2016

The number of online scams involving Binary Options keeps growing exponentially, and every day it is getting harder and harder to pick the good ones out of all the filthy scams out there.

That’s why we were skeptical about a new Binary Options System called Escape The Rat Race even though it didn’t appear to be a classic scam at first sight. Of course we will never settle for looking on the surface, so naturally we wanted to thoroughly scrutinize it. We even deposited real money and tested it – you’ll be surprised at what we found.


Warning! Regal Wealth found to be a dirty scam!

Posted on 26 Jun 2016

Today we’d like to issue a strong scam warning against a Binary Options product called Regal Wealth. It is absolutely essential that you read our review of Regal Wealth before even considering investing a single cent in this dirty online trickery ploy.