Another ruthless scam - taking apart the Push Money App

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Lately we have been receiving complaints from followers regarding the Push Money App Binary Options auto trading robot.
It is really saddening to see how scammers are looting traders, using deceitful presentations and professionally-looking video which are just full of lies. In this post, we’ll show you how to spot these liars even without risking your money to test it.


The video begins with the presenter, a guy named Dennis Moreland, letting us know that their software "just went live". To demonstrate that it is making profits for users as we speak, he shows us the smartphone app by Bank of America. Each time he hits the Refresh button, the account balance grows by thousands of dollars. He says that this account belongs to a user of Push Money App.


This is just silly, and we do wonder sometimes if these scammers think that people are that stupid – after all, even if that trader is enjoying successful trades every minute, those trades are still in his brokerage account, and not in the Back of America account.


At that point "Dennis" presents a check. The check bears the name of "Push Money Company" from Portland, Oregon. Only problem is - there's no such organization… Not in Oregon and not in any other US state.


This is really starting badly, with a fake bank account app and a fake check. Things get worse as the video shows Dennis and his wife leaving their assumed manor and getting into their huge Mercedes… or is it truly theirs? Did you notice how they cover the auto's license plate?

Push Monay app scam exposed


Throughout the video, "Dennis" is boasting his private life, letting us inside his house and introducing his wife, but then suddenly becomes shy and hiding his car’s license plate… that’s a big red warning sign. At this point it is quite clear that there is no real Dennis, no Push Money corporation, and probably no profits to be made using this software!


To conclude our review, we sadly announce that Push Money App is a total scam, as evident from a video full of lies and misrepresentations, as well as from the multiple complaints we got from our followers. Complaints ranged from low winning rate to actual wiping of entire accounts. Verdict: Stary away!

If you’re looking for an honest and reliable binary options system, it is recommended that you try the Centument system, which has gotten rave reviews and also passed our own scrutinizing test.


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