Charity Profits App review and first live testing results

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In today’s post we’re going to take a close look at a new and very interesting binary options system called “Charity Profits App”.

This “app” is software that you can access via your web browser or mobile device, and it provides you with trading signals or automated trading, according to your preference.

Since this software has attracted a lot of attention in the last few days, we found it important to review it thoroughly and report on our findings.

Continuing our ongoing commitment to weed out the binary options scams and find for you those unique systems which are valuable and profitable, we have invested in testing the Charity Profits, and our findings are below.

Megan, the millionaire lady featured in the video on their website here, is the entrepreneurial woman behind this binary options system.


Megan of Charity Profits app - taken from the website video

Megan of Charity Profits app - taken from the website video


The story behind this system presents a novel concept of giving back to the community and helping those in need, alongside making sizeable profits trading financial markets.


The app itself is completely free to use, no charge at all, no management fees or commissions. However anyone who uses it is obligated to donate 5% of the profits to charity. As we understood, the donation is deducted automatically from the monthly profits of members, and donated by Megan’s organization.


Megan claims that thousands of dollars of profits can be made each and every day. This is indeed a bold claim. We’ve heard a lot of big promises for profits lately, therefore we take everything with a grain of salt and looking for proofs.


Taken from the Charity Profits website

Taken from the Charity Profits website


We have decided to test the Charity Profits App with our own money to see how the claims measure up to reality, and whether this system is genuinely profitable, or a mere scam.

Since this app is new, we tested it starting last Monday, and the results came out as follows:

Starting date: 3rd October, 2016
Starting balance: $250
Ending balance: $475
Win rate: 78%


We are impressed with the results, having almost doubled the account in a week of trading. This is alongside a high win rate and a clear trend of consistent profits.

This leads us to conclude that The Charity Profits app is NOT a scam, but rather a legit, profitable binary signals platform. We will continue to run it in the next few weeks, and will report about further results. If you're running this system too, be sure to comment below and share your impression of the app.


You can get the app for free using this link.


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