Double warning for the Disrupt 2.0 Binary Scam

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Today we issue an updated warning about a scam that we’ve already covered in the past, the Disrupt Binary System, which now RETURNS with a new scam called “Disrupt 2.0”

If you haven’t been scammed the first time, now is your second chance to lose all your investment again, if you choose to join this scam system.

Just a short recap: The first Disrupt scam presented a cheap-looking marketing video, with claims of unreasonable profits, and numbers that do not make sense.


The Disrupt 2.0 website

For example, the guy claims to have made $149,695.85 within 10 days of using the Disrupt, and later a claim that current users make around $3,300,000 a year. These are all absurd number, and they are all presented by a bunch of actors hired from the Fiverr website, where you can get actors to give you testimonials for a few dollars:


Fake testimonials

Now the guys at Disrupt have decided that making $3,300,000 a year is not enough, so they “upgraded” their software to produce more profits.

Yeah, right… the more realistic scenario is that they realized they haven’t scammed enough traders with the first version, so they recycled the old code, and now looking for more suckers that would lose more money.


Another claim that was highlighted as bogus was the 95% success rate, meaning that 95% of trades generated by the system end in profit.


This is impossible to achieve with such a binary options system, and actually it is completely unnecessary to have such a high win rate to make money with binary options.

They could have well settled for 70% - 80% win rate and be highly profitable, but they chose to throw a high number such as 95%, which just goes to show that these people have no idea how to trade binary options, they’re just scam marketers.


With the previous Disrupt trading, we have invested $300 in Disrupt, in order to verify whether this is a scam or a legit offer.

The result of that unfortunate real-money test was that we lost most of our deposit within just 9 hours. This is of course beyond recovery, and something we doubt even a miracle could save.


Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones who lost – we have gotten a large number of reports from followers of Binary Options Place, who fell for this scam and lost their hard earned.


So now what have we got?


The same name – Disrupt, only version 2.0 this time; the same actor presenting himself as the CEO of the company; the same graphic designer – they didn’t even bother to change the old design too much.


This is just a re-hash of the old manipulative and deceptive binary options trading scam meant to target newbie binary option investors out of their money.


However we did think it is extremely important to warn those who are not aware that such scam existed, or weren’t into binary options trading at the time the first Disrupt hit the market.


We urge you to stay away from this scam, unless you’d like to lose your entire deposit within a few hours of starting to use the Disrupt 2.0 system.


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