3 most important Technical Analysis principles for Binary Options trading

Posted on 07 Aug 2016

Technical Analysis for binary options trading

Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future price movements in financial assets, based on an examination of past price movements.

In the early days of binary options, brokers didn’t provide any technical analysis tools on their platforms. Now many offer tools like moving averages, indicators and trend lines, among others. With technical analysis, you can analyze and make informed decisions about the movements of all assets traded with binary options such as forex, stocks and commodities using price charts and graphic indicators.


The most exciting Binary Options trades - 60 seconds

Posted on 01 Aug 2016

The 60 seconds “Turbo” Binary Options trades are fast, risky, exciting and fun. You have to think quickly and act quickly - there are benefits as well as drawbacks to trading this short timeframe.

You could theoretically make more money in one minute than others make the entire day, however losing is just as quick. Therefore you need to ask yourself if you like the fast pace and excitement of turbo options, or prefer to do more analysis and spend more time searching for trades and executing them.


4 Most Important Types of Binary Options

Posted on 14 Jul 2016

“Binary” means “one or the other” but it doesn’t necessarily mean choosing between Call and Put. Recently, more and more binary brokers offer Binary Options of the type that chooses between Touch and No Touch, In and Out, as well as other choices.
Let’s take a closer look at the 4 most important Binary Options types and why they can enhance our profits. 


60 Second MACD Binary Options Strategy

Posted on 21 Apr 2016

Most online investors compare 60 second trading with binary options to be “gambling” but we believe the opposite to be true when investors from our very own team have been profitably investing with 1 minute options consistently for the past two years through binary options.  Now contrary to popular belief, in order to profit online through binary options investors only need to be in-the-money 58% and what we plan to share with you today is a short-term binary options trading strategy that has accumulated an average success rate of 75% over the past couple of months!  


Binary Options Dictionary

Posted on 20 Dec 2015

Want to learn about Binary Options ?

Read more from the most updated dictionary in the industry, to make sure you understand all the terms that you encounter on your way.