Is Binary Pot of Gold trustworthy or a mere scam?

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The Tanaka-Cargill binary signals and robot

Today we’d like to start with extending our appreciation for our loyal followers who always keep us posted with their experiences on new binary options systems. Thanks to your feedback, we are able to share with the trading community, both the ugly scams and the beautifully profitable systems!

Such a system that we’ve been receiving enthusiastic reviews about, is the Tanaka-Cargill Corporation’s “Binary Pot of Gold”. This new system is based on the trading methods developed and practiced by trading expert James Tanaka. Together with billionaire Russell Cargill, they have launched this venture to provide a wider audience access to these methods.

Apart from a platform which provides the trading signals according to their methods, as well as an auto trading robot function, they also provide personal coaching for free as part of the package which is also free, and only conditioned in depositing through one of their brokers.

The website is simple and thankfully does not bother us with hype about becoming millionaires or getting rich overnight, just an inspiring video:



The platform itself is user friendly, and has several panels to operate the different functions of the system: there’s a signals panel that shows the updated signals in real time, enabling you to take the trades right from the signals platform. There’s also a panel that shows trades that other beta testers have taken, and a panel for auto trading.

Tanaka Cargill platform on auto trading

We liked the auto trading panel since it provides good control of how the signals will be executed on the account. You can choose how many trades can be opened simultaneously, what would be the fixed risk amount per trade, and of course whether to auto trade or execute the signals manually.


Software is free for a limited period which they call “beta testing period”. Since there are limited spots in the current beta trader phase, we quickly joined so we would be able to provide a review and testing results for this system. We signed up in their website and deposited an initial amount of $500. 


To see how the signals robot functions and what kind of profits can be expected without manual intervention, we have placed the platform on “Auto Trading” mode, $10 per trade and limited to only 1 trade open (no simultaneous trades). The plan was to increase the number of simultaneous trades after the first week, once we verified that this system functions properly and smoothly and not an obvious scam.


The test started on Monday evening, and an hour after setting the platform to auto trading, the first trade came through and was a winner. We continued to watch closely for the rest of the evening, and had another trade which was unfortunately a loser.


In the next few days we continued to monitor and were satisfied to see the account balance gradually going up. The first week ended up with a profit of $482 and a success rate of 74% - excellent results with the deposit almost doubled after the first week!


For the second week, we have opted for 3 simultaneous trades and continued with the $10 per trade risk. As the second week progressed, it was clear that this system is a true winner, producing an additional profit of $788.


We will continue running this system on real money, and will update with any news regarding it. If you’re trying this system as well, please message us with the results!


After examining the website, platform, and trying the system with real money, we can conclude that the Tanaka-Cargill “Binary Options Pot of Gold” is not a scam, and has actually a capacity to produce good profits to its users.





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