Is Centument 2.0 worthy sequel to its profitable original?

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The results of our live real money testing are finally out! In this post we reveal our finding on the new version of the popular and profitable Centument Binary Options system.

The Centument 2.0 is binary options signals software with an auto trading feature, available for free when opening a binary broker account of $250 or more.

The first version of this software came around January 2016 and has been thoroughly tested by us. Testing results were very good, totaling a profit of more than $1100 within two weeks.


What we really appreciated was the fact that the developer of Centument approached us and voluntarily offered us to objectively test his software. He was confident that the Centument would produce good profits and be proven to be legitimate and not scam.


Indeed, we were pleased to find the Centument to be profitable and reported our findings in this post. Before the Centument 2.0 was released, we got another message from the lead developer Gerald Reed, reminding us of the outstanding experience with the original Centument, and suggesting we test the new and improved Centument 2.0.


Since we’re keeping a close watch on developments in the Binary Options market, we couldn’t help but notice the trend of binary systems coming and going very quickly. One day the system is launched and hyped, the next day the website is down.


A “here today gone tomorrow” market means that whoever invested in those systems, has lost most of their investment if not all of it. That’s why we appreciate the fact the Centument has establishing itself as an ongoing project and striving to improve their already great results.


Quick recap - Gerald Reed, the founder of Centument LTD, has decided to share the Centument trading system as a way to give back to the investing community. His goal was for investors of all experience levels to benefit and take advantage of the consistency and success of his trading strategy.


The Centument 2.0 joins several other binary options systems that we found to be profitable, including the Lucrosa and Modern Profit Professor – see our Binary Options Signals page for more details.


Now for the initial test results: we registered for the Centument 2.0 and dedicated $250 from our testing funds pool. The deposit process was quick and smooth, and following it we could use the trading functions of their software.


Inside the Centument 2.0 binary signals and robot platform


The Centument 2.0 looks professionally built, with intuitive, easy to use controls. The signals appear on the top right corner, and separated into their different asset classes, so you can choose to see only the signals on currencies, commodities or indices.


There’s also a panel for auto trading control, which enables you to switch between automated execution of the signals to manual trading. This panel also provides control over how many trades are operated simultaneously, and how much to invest per trade.


We have chosen to use the auto trading mode, with the smallest trade size and only 1 trade at any given time. This way we can ensure that no manual intervention on our side would change the objective results.


On the first day of testing, our account didn’t change much. A few trades were made, and we were up by $55. The remaining 4 days of the week however were very good. 3 days ended in good profits and only one losing day. In total, profits for the week were $450. Not bad for a zero-maintenance, auto pilot starting at $250!


Second week of testing also saw most days end in profit, and ended with our account balance at an impressive $1362.


Inside the Centument 2.0 binary signals and robot platform - first week


The third week was hugely successful, ending with a balance of $2177. Overall most days were profitable, with just a few losing days (not heavy losses). This was no concern, as obviously every trading system has its good and bad days, but what matters is the overall success of the system.

Inside the Centument 2.0 binary signals and robot platform - second week


In conclusion, we found the Centument 2.0 to be a worthy successor to the original and profitable version of the Centument, and we continue to use it on our live account.

To access the Centument 2.0 website and get it for free, click HERE.



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Greg says:

15 Sep, 2016

thanks for the review and test results. I'm going to register now and start with $500.

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