Millionaire bot is a total utter scam!

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Sometimes we’re astonished by how those binary options scam artists produce these low quality scams and really expect people to buy into them.

Today we dissect the new “Millionaire Bot” binary signals and robot service, and show you why we believe it to be a total utter scam.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the Millionaire Bot website is that it provides no details at all about this service: who’s behind it, what exactly does it do, who is it for, etc.


The only thing you’ll find on the website is a sales video. The whole thing gives an impression of a hastily made website, with minimal investment of time and money.


This service is supposed to make you millions, so how come this company couldn’t even afford a decent website?


The website promises you to “Make $13,425 every single day on autopilot”. I have no idea how they came up with this amount, but we find it really off-putting to be stating such claims when it comes to investments.


If you do the quick month you’ll see that 13,425 a day, over 22 trading days a month equals $295,350 or $3,544,200 a year.


No one can seriously claim that their software can make you these kinds of amounts, especially given the low deposit amount of $250.


I personally wouldn’t invest a dime with a company that puts such a ridiculous statement as the header of their website, trying to convince me that they are serious and legit!


However, they do have the nerve to actually claim to prove it, by displaying their bank account statements.


These statements look sort of funny, so we’ve shown them to Leo, who’s also a Photoshop expert – and here’s what he had to say:


They present several screen shots of statements, all of which look like they have been treated with Photoshop in quite a crude way, not very professionally.


For example in this one, you can obviously see how the dollar amount looks darker, sharper and bigger than all other letters and digits, so it was obviously cut from another screen shot, and pasted there:


Screen shot from the Millionaire Bot video


In the screen shot below, you can see how the dollar amounts are not aligned with the text – it will never look like this on a real website. Also Notice that the surrounding text is slightly blurred, while the amounts are sharp – another obvious sign of copy and pasting:


Another screen shot from the Millionaire Bot video

But they just had to leave us with a nugget to wrap up this ridiculous video:


From the Millionaire Bot video

They have “many information” for us… lol. We will gracefully pass this offer and move on.


Seriously now, if you’re looking for a binary options bot that’s profitable and honest, you sould check out the Modern Profit Professor, which we reviewed HERE.


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