Separating myth from reality: Millionaires Code Binary Options system

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Some of our followers have tried the new Binary Options system called Millionaires Code, and reported to us surprisingly that they experienced good results, and that this is a legitimate product.

This obviously provoked us to research and test this new system. We are so used to reports of losses and filthy scams, so in this case we were curious to confirm whether it is a profitable system or just another disappointing scam of the type we're so used to seeing.

We appreciated the way that this system is not sold with inflated guarantees of speedy wealth that comes effortlessly. One of the noticeable headers on the site asserts: “like any other financial market, you need knowledge, patience, seed money and most of all experience to make respectable profit…”. This appears like a legit enough presentation, in contrast to the biased and exaggerated promises in all the scam websites. 


Scammers typically stress the enormous profits which are conceivable, without mentioning the risks, except for some small letters buried deep down in their long disclaimer where no one would read it. So, it is a good sign, that the Millionaire’s code are giving an honest explanation of what it takes to profit with Binary Options.


The clarification of risks and issues is strengthened in the video, where Matt Daniel, founder of Millionaires code, explains how trading is not necessarily easy, and also stipulates that the system is not free – it is free for the initial two months. This is in contrast to most scams which are totally free.


The two months trial offered is sufficient time to check that this Binary Options strategy is legit and creating the promised profits. The scam systems typically come up short so rapidly and hopelessly, that you simply see the losses mounting, even losing your deposit rapidly. Therefore in the case of a scam, it might even take us just a couple days to see whether any profits are collected or mainly losses – two months are definitely enough time to test such a system.
We chose to deposit a minimum of $250 initially to see with our own eyes whether this system is for real or we're facing just one more merciless Binary Options scam. We decided to trade for 5 days, risking small sums per trade, and stopping before the 5-day limit if we would be down more than $150.


Luckily enough, we never achieved any of our risk limits – we made profits right from the first day, $350 actually, and haven't been down much by any means. Altogether, we finished the week with an additional $1547 in our pockets, and feeling encouraged, having found a Binary Options strategy that is really profitable! This strategy joins the other two that effectively passed our testing, as well as got positive feedback from our followers: Escape the Rat Race and Centument.


Taking everything into account, we found out that Millionaires Code does deliver on its promises, as conveyed in the balanced and interesting presentation and website. Along with a trial of two months, and the nice profits we experienced, we are pleased to give them a positive thumbs up!


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