Shocking scam fully exposed: Profits Infinity

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We have recently discovered and exposed another shoking Binary Options scam, called Profits Infinity. The ruthless scammers behind it are promising profits of $3874 per day, but in reality expect nothing but losses. That’s the sad conclusion upon scrutinizing their website and sales video.

Profits Infinity present their absurd claims and bogus stories in a well-edited video. Unfortunately, the video is the only thing professional about their offering. Take for example their statement about having experienced no trading losses for years. That’s right, zero losses since 2014. As much as we would like to believe this fantastic claim, it’s not realistic to get such trading results, and in fact it is impossible with binary options.


This just goes to show their lack of seriousness. These guys obviously don’t know what they’re doing.  They could have claimed to have a high success rate - that would have sounded more realistic. After all, it is possible for computer software to reach a high percentage of winning trades. What’s wrong with 60%? 75%? Why say they succeed 100% of the time, for several years in a row? When we look for honest Binary Options system, this is a very bad sign.


Then the video goes on to make the outrageous claim that if a trade goes against you, the system will exit the trade at breakeven. This is also a daydream. No software can achieve this, otherwise options would not have existed.


The wild fantasies get even worse than that: after you’ve exited the trade at break even, your losing trade is passed on to another trader using the Profits Infinity system. While we wonder what would the other trader do with that losing trade, or how they would exit it at breakeven to avoid the loss, we are reminded this is actually impossible to do…


Next thing we did was try to dig deeper into the presenter of the video, a guy who calls himself Mark Bromovich. It is indeed suspicious that such a successful millionaire trader does not have any online presence – no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no mention on the internet - nothing. The only mentions we found were “reviews” of the Profits infinity system, which were either scam warnings or positive reviews which seemed to be biased. In our experience, these kinds of findings usually indicate that the identity of the person is fake, and he is just an actor with a made up name and story.


If after all this, you still wonder how ludicrous their claims can get, then listen to this - the software “profits infinity” was developed by IBM, with Mr. Bromovich as one of the consultants working on the project. Come on, does he really expect us to believe that?? If the software was indeed developed by a team at IBM, then it is the intellectual property of IBM, and Mr. Bromovich as an ex-consultant to the project, has no right distributing it for free or even selling it.


Moreover, if the software really works and makes millions of dollars, then IBM would have never let it go into the hands of the public. After all, if you’re a large corporation who owns a machine that prints money, would you give it away on the internet? This claim is one of the silliest we’ve heard in a while.


Another concerning issue with Profits Infinity sales website is the bogus endorsements from such big names as Bloomberg, Forbes, CNN. This product has never been reviewed or even mentioned in any of these media outlets. Again just lies.


Profits Infinity binary options scam is showing fake endorsements


Disappointed from the ludicrous presentation, we continued on to register and look inside the members’ webpage. We found there a bunch of testimonials, and did a google search to see if the clients pictured there are real or fake.


Indeed, we have located the different pictures of clients and found them to be stock photos utilized by many other websites. For example the “client” Peter Nickleson is apparently a model, and his exact same image was used in several websites, mainly for dental treatment, on account of his beautiful white teeth…

Fake testimonial actor in the Profits Infinity binary options scam


The software itself is free, but in order to use it, you must deposit at least $250 into a Binary Options trading account with one of their recommended broker. This means that it is not really free, and given that this software should definitely cause you losses, then it could turn out to be very expensive software indeed.

In conclusion, we have found too many lies, forgery and ludicrous claims to be taking this software seriously. It is obviously a fraud, done by marketing professionals who don’t know much about binary options trading, and hence leave their clients with nothing but hurting losses.

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Robin Hermans says:

20 Jul, 2016

Thank you so much for this really honest review - you've just saved me from investing in this scam!!

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