The ultimate Gemini 2 Binary robot test

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Gemini 2 binary options system featured image

A new binary options software has been released lately, the Gemini 2. It features automated trading as well as manual signals that can be executed directly on the Gemini platform.

We decided to join the beta testing group and test the performance of this binary software. Will it produce profits, or is it just one of those filthy scams that we’ve seen so many of?

Looking into the Gemini 2 website, we found just a video presenting the software and its creator, an ex-Google engineer named Brandon Lewis. Brandon retired at the age of 28 following a discovery he made, regarding the behavior of financial markets. His discovery made him a multi-millionaire from trading options. Now he is giving access to his trading software, initially for 50 lucky betatesters.

These are the Gemini offices as seen in the video:

Gemini 2 offices


We all heard so many nice stories about multi-millionaire traders who give their system to the public, but many times it is just a scam. So, how would we know if this one is for real or not?

It’s actually quite simple – TEST IT WITH REAL MONEY.

Therefore, in order to find out if this one is for real, we have registered as regular users, since the software is currently free and claimed to be in “beta testing phase”.

After registration, we deposited the required amount to get the software for free, which is $250. Following the deposit process we logged in to the Gemini 2 platform, and were presented with a screen which included an assets charts, assets price panel, signals panel, and an auto trading panel.


Gemini 2 binary platform before testing


First thing we did was to use the auto trading panel to put the platform on automated trading mode. This will enable us to track the trades made by the trading robot. If you prefer to manually execute the signals, you can do that as well.

We let the software run for two weeks before writing the review. According to our experience, scam software usually breaks down within 2-3 days max. Scams do not turn out profit at all, perhaps only on one or two days, by accident. Therefore, two weeks are enough to understand if there’s any point to continue testing, or run away quickly to avoid losing more money.

In the case of the Gemini 2 system, we were very encouraged to see the results of the first week, having the account tripled in value at the end of the week. Second week was successful as well, with more than doubling of the account.

This is a screenshot of the platform after the two weeks of trading:


Gemini platform after two weeks


As you can see from the test results, the Gemini 2 is indeed able to generate sizeable profits, when given the chance to work automatically, on auto trading mode. We used the lowest risk setting of the auto mode, and have not interfered manually (except shutting the auto mode on two days that we were out of the office and preferred not to let it run unattended – just because it was a testing phase).

It is always encouraging to see that not all binary systems are scams, as opposed to these ones. Let us know how was your experience with the Gemini by posting in the comments section below.


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